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Add Research Purpose as a drop-down selection field in Five SAFE Form

As a data custodian, I would like to know the research purpose of the data access request unambiguously and hence I would like to see a “Research Purpose” drop-down in the SAFE projects section this will allow the Gateway to filter DARs that I may not be interested in processing automatically.

This is also all data custodians to feed this field directly into our publically accessible Data Release entry for this dataset

Field Name: Research Purpose
Field Description: Choose the purpose of your research
Felid Data Type: Select Box
Field Values:

  • Age Category Research
  • Ancestery Research
  • Biomedical Research
    • Disease Category Research
    • Drug Development Research
    • Genetic Research
    • Clinical Trial
      • In-Silico Clinical Trial
  • Gender Category Research
  • Method Development
  • Population Research
  • Research Control
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Thanks for the feedback! We have added your suggestion to our backlog.

You can track the progress of your suggestion here

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