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Allow users to add authors that do not exist on the platform

Old backlog ticket I would like it to go through the correct prioritisation channels before I request that a dev works on it.

  • When I am adding a new project
    • Under “Author” I want to add myself and my friend Bob
    • I find my name on the list of users, because I have an account on this portal
    • My friend Bob has not created an account yet, so he does not appear on the list of users
    • However, I am able to click “+ Create new” and add Bob’s name
  • When I go to the project page, I can see Bob listed as an author
    • I can click on my name and go to my profile page
    • I can see Bob’s name in the same format as mine, except:
      • Bob does not have a Bio
      • I cannot click through to his profile, as he does not have a profile on the siteemphasized text

Thanks for the feedback! We have added your suggestion to our backlog.

You can track the progress of your suggestion here

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