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How to: Request a how-to video

How-to videos are step by step tutorials that walk the viewer through a task or journey. They are especially useful with tasks that are complex or that have a lot of visual functionality. You may need a how-to video created if you have had several requests for guidance on a task, topic or journey. You may also need a how-to video if you or your colleagues require more guidance on a topic.

Do you need a how-to video? First check:

  • Does it already exist?
  • Is it an update to an existing video?
  • What category would it fit into?
  • What live functionality is it awaiting?
  • Is it ‘big’ enough to warrant a video? (Can it be combined with another task?)
  • Could it be a written guide? (if there is not much visual functionality)
  • Is it needed? (e.g. have you had several requests for guidance on this topic?)

To request a video please provide the following as a reply to this topic:

Please provide the following:

  1. What task or journey are you wanting to detail?
    Please detail the specifics you want to be shown
  2. What is the topic title?
  3. Which category does it fit into?
    View the current categories below
    Request a new category if it does not fit into these
  4. Why does it need to be created?
  5. Is all the functionality you require live?