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This is an open space to discuss health research topics, feedback on the Gateway functionality and comment on resources such as datasets. Everyone is welcome to join existing discussions or start a new topic.

📺 How to view tool details

Tools can be code, software, apps, any useful resource you can use for research. You can search available tools, as well as add your own.


  • View tool details
  • Post and view reviews
  • View related resources


Once you’ve searched for a tool, you can view it in more detail by selecting the title.

On the tool detail page, on the header, you are able to see the title, the type and how many views its had. If there are any reviews, the average rating and amount of reviews from users on the site will be also be shown here.

In the about tab, you can see details about the tool, such as the description, the URL, and any authors.

Under the reviews tab you have the ability to both view and add reviews that concern this specific tool. If you have used this tool and want to leave a review just click the ‘add a review’ button and provide a rating out of 5 as well as a comment. These reviews will be approved by administrators before going live in the site.

Under the discussion section you will have access to any discussions that users have had about this tool. You can also contribute to the discussion by adding your own comments. This discussion functionality is linked to an external tool called Discourse. Any comments that you add on Discourse will show up here on the tool page.

The related resources tab displays any resources that have been linked to this tool by the creator- these could be datasets, projects, papers or other tools.

This provides users with an overview of what other resources would be useful to them if they’re interested in this tool. You are able to click through to see the detail pages of these resources, as well as get more detail on the specific relationship between them.