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Latest Data Access and Discovery webinar available: Reproducibility in Data Science

June’s Data Access and Discovery webinar was hosted by @rosie.wakeham, Head of Training, at Health Data Research UK. Rosie plays a key part in developing HDR UK’s role in providing training and learning opportunities to nurture the skills of new and existing health data scientists, including the HDR Futures platform.

Rosie was joined by me (@ruth.milne) and Heidi Seibold. I gave a brief introduction and update on the Gateway before handing over the Heidi who spoke about reproducible data analysis and the first steps towards a gold standard.

Watch a recording of the session below to find out about Heidi’s brilliant ‘research companion’ concept and her best tips and tools for staying digitally organised when it comes to the reproducibility pipeline.

NB - if you were at the live session then you’ll remember a little audio issue we had when playing the Gateway introduction video, so please also find a link (with sound!) to this resource below the webinar recording.

Please post any comments or questions not covered in the webinar’s Q&A below - simply login or sign up and hit the blue reply button. Thanks!

2022-06_Reproducible-data-analysis_HDR-UK_HS_.pdf (2.2 MB)
Data_Access_Discovery_webinar_June_22_RM.pdf (1.1 MB)

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Heidi Seibold: Reproducible Data Analysis
Ruth Milne: HDR Innovation Gateway introduction and updates