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Lupus Nephritis study cohort

Purpose and Context:
We (Pangaea Data) are conducting a research study with a team at a global US Pharmaceutical company focused on Lupus Nephritis. We need a count for the number of patients meeting our criteria (attached) in the UK. This is for a clinical trial study. Some criteria might require mining of unstructured data which we (Pangaea Data) can help with. Once we have the counts, the purpose will be to apply our (Pangaea Data’s) novel unsupervised AI on the same unstructured data such as doctors notes, discharge summaries and lab reports to extract further intelligence in the context of this study.

Contact: Vibhor Gupta (Pangea Data)

High-Level Criteria

  • All patients in Initial Cohort (ICD Codes related to Lupus, Nephritis) Last Encounter Date in 2017-2020
  • Age at Last Encounter 18 to 75
  • History of LN in Clinical Notes - TRUE
  • Most Recent LN Class in Clinical Notes - Class III or IV
  • Time since Most Recent LN Class relative to Last Encounter Date in Months <= 6 months Lupus Nephritis proven by Biopsy
  • Most Recent Urine Protein to Creatinine Ratio >= 1
  • Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate >= 30mL/min
  • Did not receive a calcineurin inhibitor (tacrolimus) in last 3 months
  • Did not receive a calcineurin inhibitor (cyclosporine) in last 3 months
  • Did not receive cyclosphophamide in last 3 months
  • Did not receive belimumab in last 6 months
  • Did not receive rituximab in last 9 months
  • Did not receive ofatumumab in last 9 months
  • Did not receive ocrelizumab in last 9 months
  • Never received obinutuzumab
  • No history of hepatitis B
  • No history of HIV

If you are a data custodian and can help Pangea Data with their request, please comment below.