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Metadata quality

Dataset metadata quality

The top of each dataset provides a summary banner containing the name of the dataset, its publisher/custodian, how many times the entry has been viewed and a metadata quality score.

Higher quality metadata makes it easier for users to decide if a particular dataset is of interest to them. To help Data Custodians and users to easily see the quality of a dataset’s metadata, a metadata richness score is calculated for each dataset record on the gateway and displayed on the gateway as Gold, Silver, Bronze or Not rated.


Metadata quality is calculated across four categories:

  • Completeness Percent
  • Weighted Completeness Percent
  • Error Percent
  • Weighted Error Percent

Together they produce a Weighted Quality Score and from that a quality rating is applied based on the table below.

Weighted)/Quality Score Rating
< 66 Not rated
>66 & <= 76 Bronze
- >76 & <=86 Silver
>86 Gold

More information on how the scores are calculated is provided at the following link