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NCS - Data & Connectivity

The Data and Connectivity NCS, led jointly by Health Data Research UK and Office for National Statistics, is bringing together key data assets, research infrastructure and organisations from across Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland to organise medical, biological and social science data on an unprecedented scale.

Through the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway and the UK’s national Trusted Research Environments (TREs) this vital data is being made available to researchers for analysis, ethically and safely in line with the Five Safes best practice principles, to accelerate COVID-19 research.

As datasets are onboarded and their metadata made available, they will feature in this collection. Projects, papers, tools and people associated with the Data & Connectivity NCS will also be added.

Providers of Trusted Research Environments are: NHS Digital, Office for National Statistics, University of Swansea (SAIL Databank), University of Edinburgh in partnership with Public Health Scotland and Scottish Government, and Health & Social Care Northern Ireland Honest Broker Service.

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