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NCS - Longitudinal health and wellbeing

The aim of the Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Study is to quantify the health and social impacts of the pandemic understand underlying mechanisms and identify at risk groups. To achieve this we have established a consortium of UK population representative longitudinal studies spanning the full age range. These data will be analysed in conjunction with key population datasets to look at the following core questions:

  • What are the mental health consequences of C-19 infection, and of viral suppression measures? How do these differ by key demographics, socioeconomic status and by prior mental health status?
  • What are the risks, determinants and expressions of the physical health consequences of long-Covid?
  • What are the disruptions to health care services (primary and secondary), and what are the health consequences of these disruptions? How do they vary by geography, demographics and socioeconomic status?
  • What are the risks of re-infection?
  • How do measures of historical health & physiology impact risk of C-19 infection and its consequences?
  • How do we best identify cases in population studies, triangulating symptoms, antigen and antibody testing? How do antibody profiles differ by case status (e.g. those with and without symptoms), how do antibody profiles vary over time? What are the health determinants of such variability?
  • What are the long term socioeconomic consequences of viral suppression measures? How do these in turn impact on health and on health care utilisation?

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