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NCS - Transmission & environment

This collection is to support the SARS-Cov-2 National Core Study: Transmission and the Environment

This National Core Study aims to understand and mitigate transmission of COVID-19 in workplace, transport and public places. The overall study lead is Professor Andrew Curran, Chief Scientific Advisor for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

This study is structured around 6 themes.

Theme 1: led by Dr Yiqun Chen (HSE): we will establish a rapid reactive response team to engage with outbreak investigation teams and to collect additional data from active investigations in a range of settings which can then be combined for pooled analysis to identify common transmission risk factors

Theme 2: led by Professor Cath Noakes (University of Leeds): we will develop a programme of discovery research to address the key environmental transmission and infection risk questions

Theme 3: led by Professor Martie van Tongeren (University of Manchester): we will undertake targeted work in a number of key sectors to support effective return to normal operation based on a clearer understanding of risk and effective mitigation

Theme 4: led by Allan Bennet (PHE): Underpinning these activities will be a core programme of method development for workplace and domestic aerosol and surface sampling, viable virus quantification , sequencing and mitigation assessments

Theme 5: led by Professor Wendy Barclay (Imperial College): we will use experimental infection human and animal models to recapitulate transmission events, in particular focussing on the early stages after infection acquisition. This will allow us to determine the infective dose of virus required to initiate infection and the time following initial infection during which most infectious virus is emitted, ie the when peak infectiousness occurs, in relation to clinical signs and symptoms

Theme 6: led by Professor Andrew Curran (HSE): we will integrate findings from across the programme with the evolving international evidence base, and translate the outputs into practical and pragmatic advice and tools to support a resilient return to normal life. We will also establish a collaborative programme to develop longer term capability, capacity and training to support knowledge development across environmental disease transmission.

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