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Process to batch-update keywords & domains for Gateway resources (ex. Datasets)

Raised OBO VH via Jira ticket

no UX/ design requirement - please expedite to dev team

The keywords & domains for the following Gateway resources - Projects, Papers & Tools - include a number of duplicates and similarities. Vicky would like to cleanse these but using the front end UI makes this a very time consuming process.

We would like to be able to batch-extract the keywords and domain tags for a specific group of gateway resources e.g. papers, projects etc. into Excel. For each group of resources within the spreadsheet there would be a line for each unique and active resource containing fields for the _id, resource id, name, resource URL, keywords and domain tags suitably separated along with any other fields that are needed for the functionality to work. A user should then be able to make changes to the keyword and domain tags for each resource directly in Excel, before the file is then uploaded back into the Gateway with the keyword and domain tags within the file overwriting those currently in the database. This will enable many entries to updated at once without having to use the Gateway UI.

Please add any more detail that you feel is needed at the moment to allow this to be estimated for a tech spike. Thanks

Thanks for the feedback! We have added your suggestion to our backlog.

You can track the progress of your suggestion here

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