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Prototype: Authors and Uploaders

Authors and Uploaders

This feature allows users to differentiate who uploaded the entity and who the authors are.

New inputs across Tools, Papers, Projects and Courses:

  • Authors:
    • Input free-text to detail the authors
  • Lead researcher (project only):
    • Input free-text to detail the lead researcher
  • Uploaders:
    • The user who is adding this entity to the Gateway will be, by default, set as the first uploader.
    • The user can add other Gateway members as uploaders - they will then have editing rights on the entity.
    • You can only remove yourself as an uploader if there is more than one uploader. If you remove yourself you will no longer have editing rights unless you are added back as an uploader.

These designs have now been approved by HDR UK. However, we do not have a date yet for the development work, so we’re not sure when it can be expected.

Feel free to add comments or questions below.

Prototype link
Password: g6oqay9r

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