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Prototype: Sort by

Sort by

This journey shows how the sort by feature on the search results page of the Gateway now clarifies how exactly it is sorting the results, and in what order. Users should also be able to filter by latest.

Renamed sort options:

  • Sort by match to search terms / Match to search terms (closest first)
  • Sort by number of views / Number of views (highest to lowest)
  • Sort by metadata quality / Metadata quality (platinum to bronze) (datasets only)
  • Sort by latest / Latest (recently updated first)
  • Sort by related resources / Related resources (most first)

These designs have now been approved by HDR UK. However, we do not have a date yet for the development work, so we’re not sure when it can be expected.

Feel free to add comments or questions below.

Prototype link
Password: anm1yb8s

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