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The National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database

The NCCID collects processed digital chest X-ray, CT and MR images as well as DICOM header information, which is de-identified at the point of upload. Associated clinical data from the collection sites is also gathered and de-identified. The categories of data collected are:
Routine demographic data
Routine cardiorespiratory assessment data at presentation
All CXRs performed during evaluation for COVID-19
All CT scans performed during evaluation for COVID-19
All chest imaging performed in the 3 years preceding the first COVID-19-related imaging study (for COVID-19 positively-swabbed patients only)
Scans (including MR) performed to investigate cardiac damage thought to be COVID-19-related
Biochemical and haematological routinely collected data
Outcome data, including the time to mechanical ventilation, discharge and death

Data will be collected for all COVID-19 positively-swabbed patients and a smaller sample of COVID-19 negatively-swabbed patients.
For PCR-positive patients, we are collecting images performed within the last three years for each patient. For PCR-negative patients, we are collecting images performed within the last 4 weeks for each patient.
The full list of clinical data points collected for positive and negative patients can found in the documents below:
Covid-19 Data (Positive) Template v1.5 (Excel)
Covid-19 Status (Negative) Template v1.0 (Excel).

Data is made available to users on a continuous basis as hospital sites contribute more data.
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