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Thu 06 May 11:00 / Cohort discovery design review

If you’d like to join this session, please leave a message below. We’ll be reviewing work-in-progress designs and collecting feedback for the following features:

Cohort discovery
Cohort discovery allows researchers to find datasets by searching for the characteristics of people in the dataset instead of keywords. For instance, I could search for females aged 25-65 who have skin cancer. This would return 1 or more datasets on the Gateway which contain data matching this description.

We will show work-in-progress designs for the next set of improvements to this feature, listed below:

  • Data profiling report, showing the additional data uncovered by the White Rabbit reports generated during the cohort discovery onboarding process, such as completeness.
  • Signposting to make it easier for users to stumble upon the cohort discovery feature and identify the datasets available