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Update to handle new data utility values

I don’t believe there’s any design/ UX needed for this - adding to the backlog for visibility.

Data utility categorisation was updated to new value fields this means that The Gateway configuration for the filters and data utility scores is no longer correct.

Raising OBO DC, who originally raised it as a bug, but it isn’t a bug, it’s a new feature request. We should have been made aware of the changes before they happened

On the Gateway the medallion rating ‘Not yet Bronze’ and ‘Other (please specify)’ are currently being coded/assigned a value of -1 and they should be coded a value of 0.

This was working correctly until a change was made to:

We have only just been notified.

ballpark estimated and assigned to sprint 2.12 for prioritisation by the HDRUK team.

Thanks for the feedback! We have added your suggestion to our backlog.

You can track the progress of your suggestion here

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Deprioritised from sprint 2.12 pending clarification on ‘not yet bronze’ SV to speak to DC

change requested to the original request:
Medallion rating codes update to:

not yet bronze = 0.5
Not yet rated = 0
Other = 0

(Agreed with SV and DC 13th April 2021)

Now in the development (Jira) backlog: