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Using the Innovation Gateway Dashboard

Dashboards on the Innovation Gateway are useful in understanding how people are using the Gateway. You can identify trends and insights through metrics, statistics and analytics.

You can access the dashboard through the top navigation, or through this link -

At the top of the page you can see 7 sets of statistics, alongside a toggle that can change the statistics on a month by month basis. The following statistics show the overall numbers since the Gateway has gone live: Total datasets, Datasets with technical metadata and Unique registered users.

The following statistics show the monthly numbers, based on the selection you make in the dropdown: Unique users this month, Searches with results this month, Data access requests this month, Uptime this month. Only these statistics will change when you amend the month.

Next are the data access request metrics. Here you can see the most popular datasets based on the number of data access requests.

The third section is the top searches, which displays the most popular search terms and results. You can see the search term, the amount of searches, and the results that it pulls up broken down into resource type.

The last section is unmet demand where it displays, for each resource type, which searches yielded no results, ordered by highest number of repeat searches. It will display the search term, the amount of searches, and the result per resource.