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Creating and managing a team

What is a team?

Firstly - A team on the Gateway is a group of associated members from a data custodian. Teams are used on the gateway by data custodians to manage datasets and data access request applications from users on the Gateway. Currently, to create a team, email or raise a support ticket at the following link To navigate to your team dashboard, go onto your individual account and select the drop down beside your name. You will then be able to select and switch to a team’s view. Here you can manage your data access requests: the applications and workflows. You can manage members and you can view FAQ about teams.

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How to manage and add members

You can manage and add members by selecting the ‘Members’ in your Teams Account dashboard. A team has two types of members; managers and reviewers. Managers can; manage members, create and assign workflows, review applications that are assigned to them and make the final decision on data access request applications. Reviewers can review applications that are assigned to them. You can see all the current members of your team and their role on the members dashboard.

Currently, to remove a member, you must email or raise a support ticket at As a manager, you can add new members to your team using the ‘add a new member’ button. As you type to search, names of users on the Gateway will appear. Team members must have a Gateway account to be added. Select the name and then the role you want them to have. Use the add row button to add several members at a time. Once you have added your new member they will appear in the members dashboard.

Teams FAQ

If you have a question about teams; in terms of members, workflows or applications - you may be able to find your answer under the help tab. You can find out things such as - can you edit or delete a workflow that is currently being used? How can you customise your data access request forms? If there’s anything more you need help on, please email at

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