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📺 How to submit your dataset for review

Metadata onboarding tutorial series:

You can now onboard and manage your metadata directly on the Innovation Gateway. The Gateway does not hold a copy of Data Custodian data. Instead, it stores summary information used to describe each of the datasets that the Data Custodian holds. You may submit your datasets for review, where a member of the admin team will respond.


  • Submit your dataset for review
  • Track the response from the administrative team
  • Receive a response


To submit your dataset for review, select the ‘submit for review’ button in the action bar.

If you have not completed all mandatory sections, which are marked with an asterisk, you will receive an error message, telling you that you cannot submit a dataset for review until you have completed all the mandatory questions.

If you have completed all mandatory sections, you will see a modal asking you if you’re sure you want to submit your dataset for review. You cannot edit this form whilst it is pending review. Click ‘confirm submission’.

After this, you will be returned to the dashboard, where you can see a success banner at the top of the page - letting you know that you have successfully submitted your dataset for review, and that you will be notified when a decision has been made.

In the ‘pending approval’ tab, you will see the dataset you just submitted for review, with an ‘in review’ tag and information about what sections are completed, what version it is, the last activity and how many days since submission.

During this review process you can still view the form. Click on the card and you will be taken to a locked version of the form, meaning you can navigate around the sections, but cannot make any edits.

On the action bar on the left, you can see it has the ‘in review’ status.

The HDRUK admins will review your dataset. They can either approve or reject it. With either decision, they can provide a reason, however with a rejection a reason is mandatory. Whatever decision is made, you will receive an email letting you know. In the email you will be told that you can create a new version and make the necessary changes if you wish to re-submit the dataset, especially if it is rejected. These administrators will have access to an unlocked version of your application, meaning that they are able to make minor edits before approval. For instance, any typos and small details that they can then change instead of rejecting the application. If an administrator makes a minor change, they will inform you in their ‘reason for approval’ email. As you can see in this approval email, the administrator has made a minor spelling change to the application.

If your dataset is approved, it will appear in the Active tab and have the live status tag. Your dataset will then be searchable on the Gateway and available for users to make data access requests on.

If it’s rejected, it will appear in the rejected tab with a rejected status tag. You will also be able to view the reason for rejection on the card.

The next tutorial in this series will walk you through how to version and archive your datasets.